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Our Favourite WordPress Themes

Our Favourite WordPress Themes | Choosing the right theme for your project plays a key part in producing the website you envisage.

Favourite WordPress Themes

Adding Definition to a Blank Canvas

WordPress themes are incredibly powerful. But, as with every web design project, a theme is more than color and layout. Good themes improve engagement with your website’s content in addition to being beautiful.


Shapely | Sydney | Ultimate

It's all in the Presentation

Choosing the right theme for your project plays a key part in producing the website you envisage. Yes, you can (& will) add the page builder, plugins and custom code but the foundation is the design options and functionality available within your theme.

This is a simple introduction to some of the themes we have utilised for our projects and would happily recommend. The pros & cons of each we’ll come to in a series of case studies over the coming weeks.

Our Recommended Themes



Astra is fast, fully customisable & beautiful theme suitable for blog, personal portfolio, business website and WooCommerce storefront. It is very lightweight and offers unparalleled speed. It also offers special features and templates so it works perfectly with all page builders.

Astra is our go-to theme. It is easy to use and coupled with….



The Hueman theme helps you increase your traffic and engage your visitors. It loads fast and is 100% mobile-friendly according to Google. Best rated theme for blogs and magazines on WordPress.org. Powering 70K+ websites around the world.

The Hueman theme….



A plain vanilla & lightweight theme for Elementor Page Builder.

The Hello theme….

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