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Welcome Message

Updated: 9th November 2018
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A Brief Introduction

Hello and Welcome to BlueMoonCreative.Services. I’m Phil. Having spent many a year plying my trade as a C.I.M.A. qualified accountant, building spreadsheets & financial models amongst other things, I’ve turned my back on corporate life and escaped to rural France… …where I’ve chosen to build websites… hmmm!?!

So along with my business associates (Dave & Michael), who have long & successful careers in Sales & Marketing and Project Management, we have decided to embark on our own little business venture to keep ourselves busy and share some of the business knowledge we’ve picked up over the years.

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BlueMoonCreative.Services | An Overview

Our Business

Blue Moon Creative Services Logo SmallEssentially beginning from the revamp of Skipper Dave’s sailing blog, 3 years ago, we’ve created a portfolio of niche websites in the days and weeks since. As well as having several more on the go, we’ve lots of ideas for others. And we’ve enjoyed the work! So much so, we thought we’d put ourselves out there to help others create their own online presence (notwithstanding, of course, earning a little money in return helps!).

To be honest, with all the tools readily available, it is a fairly straight-forward exercise to create your own site (without all the bells & whistles of course) in a short space of time. However, not everyone has the time or patience to do so and, for example, if you are starting your own business you may well have higher priorities than learning how to build a website?

That’s where we come in. Maybe it is a helping hand with a start-up business plan, possibly creating that website or even getting you started on the business aspects of social media. We’ve ticked a lot of the boxes over the years, so can easily share with you some of our experience (good & bad) to help you on your way.


Our Website

As you would expect we’ve set up the site to tell you a little more about BlueMoonCreative.Services and what we plan to do (we’ve also made it look good – as a shining example of our work!). In short, there are 4 main sections which are easily navigated via the menu and on-page prompts, each serving a specific purpose:

In general terms, we offer Business Support Services on a freelance project basis. This section will give you more detailed information about the specific services we offer including:

It’s all very well telling you what we do, but what better way is there than to show you what we do.

Our portfolio section will showcase some of the projects we’ve undertaken to date and offer up a few examples of our style of work.

Our blog is not so much a ‘how to’ guide, as there is lots of great advice readily available, but more an alternate reference point. Our aim is to share with you a few tips, tricks and useful guides we’ve discovered along the way that have made our (& possibly your) venture into creating a business presence online a little easier.

Topics we’ll cover include:

  • WordPress
  • Coding
  • Hosting Services
  • Business & Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Design Tools

There are a number of ways you can get in touch with us depending upon your reason:

You may notice a shortage of written content on the blog at the moment. Well, we were eager to ‘go live’ with the site and our excuse reason why is the blog by it’s nature will develop over time. So, we do have a plan and content is one thing we are not short of – Spending time writing up the posts, now that’s another story (for another day)!

I never put off till tomorrow what I can possibly do – the day after.

– Oscar Wilde

And Finally...

Thank you for stopping by. If we can help, please get in touch. If not, your support would be appreciated. Word of mouth or a social media share may go a long way toward us achieving our own goals. Feel free to subscribe, below, for updates on this site and our future ones. Content aside, we will always have a special offer or two up our sleeves to share.

And on a parting note, we are always on the look out for guest contributors and mutually beneficial promotion opportunities. So if that could be you (or your business), you know what to do!

All the best,


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